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"Latent food allergy" and ways of its revealing.

Allergy treating is becoming a crucial problem and finding effective methods of treating is one of human necessities of life. We live in a world full of allergens and our organism spends enormous powers to fight them. From 60 to 80% of the population of countries with developed economy suffer from latent food allergy — this is the statistics of the specialists who work in this field. Latent food allergy is also the reason of excessive weight and an obtrusive companion of many chronic diseases.

We might not mention the connection between what we eat and our diseases and their exacerbation. Moreover, we might sometimes prefer our «antagonistic products», but it is a dubious pleasure for our organism.

But why then don’t we think that eating something poisonous is a serious problem for our organisms? And why there are so few specialists who work in the field of latent allergy, at least as compared to number of «traditional» allergologists and immunologists?

New technologies that help to reveal the products that provoke latent food allergy started developing only over the recent years.

Latent food allergy was discovered after the discovery of immune globulins of E — IgE class. Immune globulins are molecule-antibodies that can detect corresponding antigens which are alien molecules; they are identified by our immune system as potentially dangerous. Any proteins produced by any pathogenic organism or food proteins can be antigenic. Many diseases can be diagnosed according to the presence of specific (meaning that they are characteristic of the reaction to a particular pathogen) antibodies in blood.

IgE provoke a rough and almost immediate reaction of human organism to various factors of our environment: flower pollen, animal hair, food. This reaction is called «allergy».

There are still some products that provoke diseases, but they are not listed among classical allergens. If you are in a good state of health, then everything you have eaten can be digested and unhealthy substances are removed from your organism. But when you have some health problems, some of the molecules can’t be removed. They stay in your organism and cause immune stress and intensive production of immune globulins of E-class. This leads to allergic reactions.

The method of defining specific antibodies in blood can also be used in the tests aimed to reveal latent food allergy. We define the content of IgG4 antibodies to antigens in product extracts. This is the only distinctive characteristic as compared to standard test to detect traditional allergies.

We then create the lists of so-called «prohibited products» according to the results of IgG4 analysis. The products from this list overload your immune system keeping it from fighting with already existing diseases.

If we deliver our immune system from this extra work by removing the problem products from our ration, it will get the possibility to work more effectively and the organism will manage to rehabilitate itself and to treat itself. A person who removes antagonistic products from his rations starts feeling much better.

How do we make the analyses in our Clinic.

We have two methods of making blood analyses in our Clinic:

  • immune ferment analysis which lets us define the amount of antibodies in blood (immune globulin IgG4, IgE analysis);

  • by measuring the erythrocyte subsidence speed (ESS).

Your doctor will choose the most suitable method for you.

The ESS blood tests allows to see the general reaction of your blood to a concrete product. The mechanism of testing: our specialists test the usual reaction of erythrocyte subsidence speed, then they test it by adding product extracts (we have more than 240 product extracts). The last test is the so-called controlling test — without adding anything. The results are compared. If there are reliable differences between the probe and «control», this reaction is considered to be pathologic and the product goes to your «red list» (not recommended products).

The received results is the help of your own organism. It tell you what is healthful and what is not. The patients gets the results during the consultation with his or her doctor (usually some days after giving your blood analysis).

If the patient lives in a different town of if he or she can’t come to the Clinic for some reasons, the analysis results can be faxed or sent by e-mail and you have a consultation with your doctor by phone.

Note that the results of each test are individual and useless to other people, even to close relatives.

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